”Director Adam Dattis confidently guides George through a number of characters, with Lucy’s first online encounter with her new role-playing friends a particular triumph”.
— --view from the gods
“The stage was shared by four very capable actors (Rob Leech, Pete Maxey, Jack McMahon, Lauren O’Brien) though centred on the drivelling monologue of a jobbing actor, his back to the audience. His overwhelming self-obsession with the futility of life became dangerously contagious, triggering increasingly black comedy. This change in humour was handled masterfully by writer Jack George and by director Adam Dattis”
— --martin slidel for whatspeenseen
“The produciton itself was creatively staged throughout...” “I found Madwomen a complex, creative and challenging evening’s entertainment which provided a fresh look at the work of four important female writers, whilst questioning how ‘madness’ can truly be defined”
4 stars out of 5 ✭✭✭✭
— --emma curry for backstagepass
“...the play is polished and passionate throughout...” “The final 15 minutes were by far the most stylised, providing a mostly satisfactory end to the narrative and a visually brilliant conclusion”
— --viewfromthegods
“Not only does it [Madwomen] explore fascinating people and ideas, but it tells their stories in unconventional ways that have been replaying in my head since I saw it.”
— --a younger theatretre
“Credit to director Adam Dattis for taking a rather confusing play and making it watchable...we were transfixed by the action on stage.”
— --itchycity