in production

 2018 THEATRE 



by Berri George

“Hit everything from here to … Amersham – end of the line”. He said. So I did. Marked every available surface with my can. Four hours went by. Heart proper pounding.

Two teenagers. One ‘born ‘n bred’ Newham. The other fled the ravages of a Civil War. They don’t know each other…yet. But in the night-time cityscape playground of train yards and tube depots, they escape their troubled and isolated lives spray painting London colourful.

Set in the early 2000s, SHADOW KINGDOMS tells the story of an unlikely partnership forged between two strangers, who discover a shared passion for train (graffiti) writing.

Featuring an electronic soundtrack and dynamic movement, SHADOW KINGDOMS by Berri George (BBC Hot Talent List and BBC Drama Room 2017), was nominated as runner-up in the 2017 Mercury Playwriting Award.



concept by Adam Dattis

The Earth shook, stones clapped, and dust clouds became sand storms.  The tanks rolled in leaving patterned trails in red clay.  Glass-shielded troopers in muted khaki uniforms against pale, chiseled skin.  Automatic spears directed at black-skinned, white-shirt youths.  Big men against big ideas.  Small bodies against big men.  Stupid children.  

They never thought 'What if, ' or 'What then?'  They never asked 'How to, or 'What next?'  They only said:  'Here, Now.'

From that fateful day... he ran.  Somewhere in the world.  A mother's imagined odyssey of her son's escape. 

Based on true events:  Apartheid's most haunting disappearing act.